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2007 Support Staff Workshop

Highlights from the 2007 Workshop

November 16, 2007

Highlights from the 2007 Support Staff Workshop include: 


Katrina Rademacher from Nebraska Wesleyan
"Newbie Survivor" Recipient
"She has been full-time in financial aid for all of one month. She started full time September 17th, although she was a student worker in the office previously."

Brianna Pope from University of Nebraska-Omaha
"Surviving Under Fire" Recipient
We all know what it is like to get a student who just pushes all the wrong buttons and eventually they get under our skin just enough that we get a little sterner and slightly less patient. However not this person, in the nomination it was said about this person, "I have never seen her get upset with a student. She can keep her cool with anybody. Just amazing."

Carol Keller from Nebraska Wesleyan
"Surviving It All Over Again" Recipient
Most of us once we leave an office either do not have the desire or the opportunity to go back to the same office we had worked in previously, but this person did. The nomination said, "Glad to Have Her Back. She worked for Wesleyan for almost 10 years, took another job for two years, and came back. She is a great addition (again) to our office and we hope to keep her until she thinks she needs to retire."

Verleen Unruh from Grace University
"Surviving the Miles" Recipient
Have you ever felt that although the shopping center you want to go to is in the same town, that perhaps the same store from across the state would be a better one to visit? Well this person does and she does so quite often. The nomination stated, "She should get an award for traveling the most miles to go to a Cabela's. She has been traveling to Sidney quite frequently looking for something or someone at Cabela's. Never mind we have one right here in Omaha." It does seem that there may be a story behind this. Perhaps you all can get it from her.

Diana Boring from Concordia University
"Surviving the Storm" Recipient
We all know what it is like to be short staffed but add to that being in a small office and relatively new to financial and you might say you could have the perfect storm for a person trying to get their hands around financial aid processes. Here is what was said about this nominee, "(She is a) survivor in the sense that she's new in financial aid and now with one staff short due to an emergency medical leave of absence, she's taking on the loan processing portion as well, not to mention other responsibilities. She has been a trooper through all this. I appreciate her willingness to take on more, and more responsibilities."

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