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Nebraska Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

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2004-2005 NeASSFA Committees

March 14, 2005

ASSOCIATION GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE - The purpose of the Association Governance Committee is to review and recommend to the Board of Directors changes to the Association Bylaws and Policies and Procedures Manual to ensure the Association's written statements are consistent with the manner in which it conducts business.

  Deana Unger - Chair
Janet Dodson - ex-officio
Jan Going
Vicki Kucera
Tom Melecki

AWARDS COMMITTEE - The purpose of this committee is to recognize and honor members that have contributed to NeASFAA's mission.

  Kathy McConnell - Chair
Susan Frodyma - Vice Chair
Dale Brown
Steve Carper
Lisa Gdowski
Marge Harris
Wendy Olson

 COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE - The purpose of this committee is to facilitate communication within the Association.

  Peggy Tvrdy - Chair
Wendy Olson - Vice Chair
Paula Kohles
Steve Millnitz
Mark Wiederspan
Stacey Musil
Melinda Hogeland 

CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE - The Corporate Development Committee is responsible for soliciting funds to support the purposes of the Association, except for the collection of membership dues.

  Carolyn Halgerson - Chair
Ryan Stamm - Vice Chair
Cindy Ramaeker
Jenni Burke
Franny Madsen

FINANCE AND AUDIT COMMITTEE - This committee is responsible for reviewing the general financial position of the Association and advising the Board relative to fiscal matters.

  Doug Watson - Chair
Sara Smith - Vice Chair
Janet Dodson - ex-officio
Shirley Huttenmaier - ex-officio
Renee Besse - ex-officio
Dean Obenauer
Caroline Routh
Kyle Rose
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Expense/Reimbursement Claim Form

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE - This committee is charged with the continued development and maintenance of the membership of the Association.

  Laura Jandl - Chair
Shareen Cundall - Vice Chair
Donna Johnson
Tammy Preston
Lydia Thompson
Connie Kent

NOMINATIONS/ELECTIONS COMMITTEE - This committee is charged with conducting the nominations and general election processes for NeASFAA offices in accordance with the established timelines.

  Janet Dodson - Chair
Dale Brown
Steve Carper
Susan Frodyma
Lisa Gdowski
Wendy Olson

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE - This committee is charged with providing opportunities for professional growth and development for the NeASFAA membership.

  Angie Miller - Chair
Amanda Blue - Vice Chair
Donna Bargen
Heather Doe
Theresa Haarberg
Mark Krings
Ritchie Morrow
Carol Rapstine
Tammy Stevenson
Dan Svehla
Treve Florom
Janet Dodson- ex-officio


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