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Nebraska Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

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Business Meeting Minutes April 5, 2011

by Marcy Pierce on April 28, 2011

NeASFAA Business Meeting
April 5, 2011

Terri Graham called the meeting to order at 8:35 AM.

Motion made by Vicki Kucera and seconded by Peggy Tvrdy to accept the agenda.

Motion made by Kay Dinkelman and seconded by Randy Sell to accept the minutes of last year’s meeting as submitted.

Officers Reports
Terri Graham, President -Terri summarized her activities for the past year.  Membership dues was the hot topic of the year.  Finance and audit did a great job constructing different scenarios for the board to consider.  The tiered system proved to be a fairer approach across the association.  She encouraged the new board to re-evaluate the Policy and Procedures in regards to general cash reserves.  It’s been a pleasure to serve as the NeASFAA president and thanks for the opportunity. Click to view the President to Association Report.

Past President, Dale Brown -  Served on RMASFAA board this past year.  Summarized his duties for the year and reviewed email he sent out earlier in the year.  The increase in late fees is to encourage the membership to pay on time and not to raise revenue.  Started facebook page for NeASFAA and encouraged members to become “friends”.

President Elect, Peggy Tvrdy -  Summarized her duties for the year. Enjoyed the visits to the Capital Hill and visiting with congressional members regarding financial aid issues.  

Treasurer, Kay Dinkelman -  Went over the balance sheet.  Balance sheet appears to be healthy although no expenses have been taken out for the conference.  Committees have been staying under budget. Click here to view the NeASFAA Budget

Secretary, LeAnn Hoffman – No Report.

Sector Representative Reports

Private Career, Cori Combs -  No Report.

Two Year Public, Susan Stephenson - Summarized discussions at conference sector meetings.  She requested additional time for sector meetings.  They had four first time attendees in their sector and she encouraged members to take part in the RMASFAA blog.  Thanks for the opportunity of being sector representative.

Private Colleges/Universities, Brien Alley - Summarized discussion at conference sector meetings.   He encouraged everyone to respond to communication sent by your sector representative.  

Four Public, Matt Petr for Theresa Haarberg - Encouraged the members to complete the evaluation and give preferences for a two or three day conference.  

Associate Sector, Mark Krings - Summarized the Philanthropy projected.  

Association Governance, Dale Brown - Sent two emails to the association regarding changes to Policy and Procedure and bylaws.

Awards, Misten Thompson – Summarized the committee’s yearly activity and thanked the committee members for their hard work.   

Communications, Stacy Diekman – Summarized yearly activities and thanked everyone for the opportunity.

Mary Jo Smith, Association - Thanked the Sponsors and exhibitors who attended the conference and encouraged donations for the Philanthropy project.

Finance and Audit, Stacy Seim - Reviewed the budget proposal due to the changes made by the redefinition and tiered structure.

Membership, Rhonda Carlson -  Last year we had 48 institutional members which dropped to 45 this year.  Last year we had 17 associate members and this we dropped to 9.  Business office attendees introduced themselves.  First time attendees were introduced.

Nominations and Elections, Peggy Tvrdy – Reported election results.  

Professional Development Committee -  Summarized yearly activities.  Support staff activity.  Encouraged members complete the evaluation for the conference.  Thanked the association for the opportunity to serve. Click to view the PDC Annual Report.

Old Business

New Business

Dale Brown read the proposed bylaws change redefining an institution as having a branch code and financial aid director.  Motion made by Thomas Oschner and seconded by Cori Combs to accept the proposal.  Vicki Kucera discussed the financial impact this would have on Central Community College (CCC) in regard to the new dues structure.  The proposal as stated would require CCC to pay three separate dues amounts resulting in a large increase and would jeopardize their membership role.  She called to amend the proposed definition by replacing "branch code" with "E-code" (the code in which institutions receive Title IV funds).  Janet Dodson called the question and Terri called for a vote on the original proposal as read by Dale.  Vote: For 15 and Against 4.  Due to no quorum present at the business meeting the vote was null and void.  

Jodi VanDenberg, 2012 RMASFAA Conference –  Asked attendees to complete the volunteer form for the RMASFAA 2012 conference found in the conference folder.  Contact Jodi or Bailey Jorgenson if you have any ideas for the conference.   

Motion made by Ritchie to adjourn and seconded Juanita.  Meeting adjourned 9:50 AM.