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Board of Director's minutes April 3, 2011

by Stacy Dieckman on April 03, 2011

NeASFAA Board Of Directors Meeting
April 3, 2011

Members Present:  Terri Graham – President, Peggy Tvrdy – President Elect, Kay Dinkelman – Treasurer, Dale Brown – Past President, LeAnn Hoffman – Treasurer, Stacy Dieckman, Caroline Routh, Theresa Haarberg, Misten Thompson, Laura Schultz, Ritchie Morrow, Brien Alley, Mark Krings, Rhonda Carlson, Stacy Seim, Susan Stephenson, Cori Combs and Mary Jo Smith

Terri called the meeting to order at 5:00PM

Motion made by Dale and seconded by Peggy to approve the agenda as written.

Motion made by Peggy seconded by Dale to approve the minutes for last meeting as written.

Officer Reports
President, Terri Graham – See written report.  She thanked everyone for serving and presented gifts to board members as a token of her appreciation.  
Past President, Dale Brown – no written report.  He has enjoyed working with the board and is happy about the new and renewed friendships the opportunity has provided.

President Elect, Peggy Tvrdy – See written report.  She is looking forward to the upcoming  year.

Treasurer, Kay Dinkelman – See written report.  Presented written report with updated budget information.  Rec’d NeASFAA grant from FES for $3000 which will pay the SOCs license.  Big Thank You to FES for this very generous gift.  Exhibit fee and sponsorship funds were lumped together in prior years and Kay has split the two.  The general fund is looking healthy although expenses for spring conference have not been submitted.  
Secretary, LeAnn Hoffman—No report.

Sector Representative Reports
Private Career, Corrine Combs – No report.  She still struggles with receiving feedback from her sector.
Two-year Public Institutions, Susan Stephenson - See written report.

Private Colleges and Universities, Brien Alley – See written report.

Four-year Public , Theresa Haarburg - No report.

Associate Membership, Mark Krings - Been quite.  Thanked Laura Schultz for helping with the Philanthropy project for the conference.   If anyone received cash as a donation will need to give to either Mark or Laura.

Committee Reports
Association Governance, Dale Brown – See written report.  Sent out changes via email bylaws and Policy and Procedures and received no response.  

Awards, Misten Thompson – See written report.  Busy preparing for banquet.  At least two nominations were received for every award.  Babies and grandbabies were hard to get.  The awards committee also organized donations for the Back Pack Program in honor of Tammi Preston.      

Communications, Stacy Dieckman – See written report.    

Corporate Development, Laura Schultz --  See written report.  Correction to written report:  change $3000 in fees not $2750.  Please stop by and thank the vendors and sponsor for attending the conference.  With the addition of the business office track it may open other recruitment opportunities.  

Finance and Audit, Stacy Seim – No report.

Membership, Rhonda Carlson – See written report.
Nominations and Elections, Peggy Tvrdy – No report.

Professional Development Committee, Caroline Routh and Ritchie Morrow – See written report.  Caroline and Ritchie will contact Divots Conference Center in Norfolk, NE with dates for next year’s conference as soon as conference evaluations are reviewed for preference of a two or three day conference .

RMASFAA 2012, Jodi Vandenberg and Bailey Jorgensen – See written report.

Old Business
Dues structure:  Terri read the responses she received from the membership regarding the possible dues restructure plan.  Most of the responses favored the proposed tiered structure.  Kay made a motion to approve the tiered budget proposal, motion seconded by Cori.  Motion passed unanimously.

New Business
Stacy S. presented the 2011 – 12 budget proposal.  Peggy moved to accept the budget 2011-12 budget proposal seconded by Susan.  Motion passed by unanimously.

Peggy made a motion to adjourn and Susan seconded.  Meeting adjourned 8:00.