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Nebraska Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

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NeASFAA Board Minutes June 7, 2013

August 08, 2013

NeASFAA June 7, 2013 Minutes

Present: Tom Ochsner, LeAnn Hoffman, Laura Schultz, Marty Habrock, Becca Dobry, Matt Johnson, Erin Moran, Andrea Quimby, Brenda Hicks
Meeting was not called to order since majority of constituency was not present.

Unable to approve agenda since majority of constituency was not present.

Unable to approve minutes since majority of constituency was not present.  

Officer Reports
President, LeAnn Hoffman:  No written report . Asked Brenda Hicks in for a strategic planning session during today’s meeting.

Past President, Tom Oshner: Nothing to report.

President Elect, Matt Johnson: Written report provided.  Matt reports that all Vice-Chairs have been contacted and are happy to serve next year.  Also discussion about Corporate Development Committee, Don Buehrer will be serving another year as Chair and Stacy Seim as Vice-Chair. Kent Wolf was approached to be Vice-Chair but have asked him to wait until next year since Don will be serving another year.

Discussed PDC and the need for Vice-Chair.  Laura asked that email addressed for all committee members be provided.   

Matt also reported that there was a good turn out on the volunteer forms.

Asked that written reports be email to secretary to be added to the bottom of minutes.  Passed out annual business meeting minutes & last board meeting.

Treasurer, Marty Habrock: Written report provided.  Marty reports that he worked with exhibitors to get correct amount for table at conference.  Discussion about who we approved for membership.  Also a CD is coming due and will be combing with another CD and rolling over into a new CD.  No outstanding bills from conference.  Need to do one refund for non-conference attendance.  Marty reports that we will end year in black.

Secretary, Beth Sisk: No written report.  

Sector Representative Reports
Private Career, Sara Christensen: No written report.

Two-year Public Institutions, Stacy Diekman: Written report provided.

Private Colleges and Universities, Annie Lee: Written report provided.

Four-year Public Colleges and Universities, Erin Moran: Written report provided.  Has been working with Kent Wolf gathering topics to put on membership survey to help re-engage membership.  Working with Craig about a possible day training for 4 year public

Associate Membership, Don Buehrer: Written report provided.

Committee Reports
Association Governance, Tom Oshner: Nothing new to report.

Awards, Becca Dobry: Written report provided.

Communications, Lani Swanson – Mary Lohse: Written report provided.

Corporate Development, Don Buehrer: Written report provided; included with Associate Membership report.

Finance and Audit – No report, but Renee would like to do audit before next meeting.  Discussed when audit should be completed, preferably earlier than September.

Membership, Andrea Quimby: No written report,  Andrea reported that she has updated membership listing and will be sending out invoices shortly.  Invoices will go out by email then mail.  Don Buehrer  did update renewal letter for associate members.

Nominations and Elections, Matt Johnson: Written report provided; included with President-Elect report.

Professional Development Committee, Laura Schultz: Written report provided.  Laura reports that PDC was thrilled with turn out in Grand Island.  Also that the feedback was extremely helpful and will be taken into consideration while planning for spring 2014 conference.  Laura asked for possible locations and dates for fall support staff training as well as possible fall training.  Discussed the accommodations that were provided by the hotel in Grand Island.  Nebraska City has approached Laura as possible spot for spring conference.  

Old Business: No old business.
New Business: Strategic Planning with Brenda Hicks
Brenda Hicks will be providing a written report of discussion points regarding the strategic planning session to LeAnn.

I. Adjournment