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NeASFAA Strategic Directions


NeASFAA Strategic Directions – 2014-2016 Final Draft Adopted: January 31, 2014


In June 2013, the NeASFAA Board of Directors embarked on a journey. We felt a need to collaborate together on this strategic directions document in order to focus the efforts of the board and committees as we serve the association. This is the first such document that the NeASFAA board has attempted to draft – at least in recent history. It is the board’s hope that this document will give both direction and inspiration to the board and its committees by laying out a path with some short term goals for us to follow. All of the directions in this document are an attempt to put into practical action the mission and vision of NeASFAA as defined in our Bylaws and Policies & Procedures. This is also a short term document that really only covers the next two years. Then after two years, if this experiment is successful, a future board will have to gage its success and decide if they want to adopt a new Strategic Directions document to help guide future goals of the board. Obviously adopting a strategic directions document is not without precedent and has been quite useful in guiding associations at all levels: state, regional and national.

This document has been voted on and approved by the board of directors. It is the expectation that all board members and committee members become familiar with this document and know what sections are especially applicable to their committee or board position. Reports presented to the board in meetings should reflect, as much is practical and applicable, the work done to accomplish these goals. Being our first attempt at an initiative of this sort, it is reasonable to expect that there may have to be some tweaking and amending of the goals, but only when the goal is determined to be unworkable or unmeasurable. Otherwise we should continue to work on the goals outlined in this document so that, if a new board decides to draft a new Strategic Directions document, they can measure the effectiveness and outcomes in order to guide the drafting of a new one. As it stands, there is no requirement within our Policies and Procedures that a Strategic Directions document be drafted and approved. If this experiment proves helpful a future board may want to adopt language in the Policies and Procedures to codify the process of drafting and adopting these directions documents.

Matt Johnson, NeASFAA President


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